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Village of Hillsdale, Missouri | 6428 Jesse Jackson Ave, Hillsdale MO 63131
: 314.381.0288 | : 314.381.8785 | : cityadmin@villageofhillsdale.com

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The Village of Hillsdale, is located in North Saint Louis County, Missouri.  According to the 2000 census the population is 1,478.

Village History

Records dating back to 1909 list homes and churches in the area known as Echo Heights. On November 10, 1947 the area was placed into an incorporated area with the same zoning laws and boundaries. The area became known as The Village of Hillsdale. The mission for the Village of Hillsdale is to support a quality of life that facilitates safety and closeness of the citizens in hopes of continuing the neighborly attitude of Hillsdale. The Village will strive to pursue opportunities for prosperity and growth of the community.

Hillsdale City Hall